Entitlement or Just Plain Spoiled?

So, my 17 y/o daughter that never speaks to me decided she wanted to have a conversation via text message last week. I thought, okay, let’s try to communicate again. Ha!

When she was 13, almost 14, she decided to go live with her dad. I can’t blame her. She hated my spouse at the time and was unhappy. I was not made of money and I could not give her everything. I did, however, fight for and win custody of her younger sister. That was January 2009. As the years have passed, I have watched her mature. She was given the clothing I couldn’t afford, a truck on her 16th birthday, braces (I paid 1/2 of). She’s gone to prom EVERY year. In a nutshell, she’s spoiled. She hasn’t had to want for anything.

In my opinion, a child should learn the value of the almighty buck. I have worked for everything that I have. I have had nothing given to me, even as a teenager living at home. I worked. I bought my own clothes, put gas in my car and paid for my car. I bought everything that I wanted.

Now, back to our texting conversation. I’ve known for years that she thinks she’s better than me. She’s always been quick to judge everything I say or do. I can do no right in her eyes. I’ll agree that I’m far from a good mom, but I tried. She preceded to tell me that I have run away from my problems. She basically told me how stupid she thinks I am. She has nothing to do with my family, whatsoever. She never calls me. If she wants something, she has her father talk to me so he can try to make me feel guilty. I am not going to feel guilty for not communicating with a selfish child who thinks she knows everything and judges her own mother. She has no respect for anyone, other than her father and her holier than Thou grandparents.

I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let a 17 y/o pass judgement on me. No one knows what I’ve been through in my life but me. There are reasons I do the things I do.

I’ll quit ranting now. I felt the need to get this off my chest before I had some sort of aneurism.


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