~GIVEAWAY~ Christmas Kisses by H.M. Ward

I’m SOOOOO excited to be a part of this Amazing giveaway!! H.M Ward has been gracious enough to allow me to giveaway on e-book copy of her newest Holiday Hotness, Christmas Kisses! I read this as an ARC and reviewed it in previous blog post, but I’m going to share it again.


“How hard is it to NOT have sex with him? Lust has melted Holly Connelly’s brain and it’s all Ryan Darcy’s fault. He’s been ruthlessly flirting with her for the past three years. Ryan’s a sex god complete with sinful body, endless wit, and an orgasm-inducing smile. One sultry look from him will make her panties jump off her body. His endless string of one-night stands has Holly thinking she’ll be just another conquest. Since she actually has feelings for the guy, it makes it that much harder to put off his advances. When they get trapped together by a snowstorm, it’s all she can do to resist him. If Holly says yes, she’ll probably regret it. If she says no, she’ll always wonder what if.” via Goodreads

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I was given an ARC of this and one word I will use is “WOW!” This was indeed one of the hottest books I’ve read this year. The story goes back and forth, being told from both Holly and Ryan’s points of view. Each had hidden feelings for one another, both afraid of how the other felt. Having been friends previously, the flirting was natural between the two. Sparks fly when they are all but stranded at Ryan’s dorm due to roads being closed because of a snow storm. The passion unfolds with each breath. This is a MUST READ! Cozy on up to the fire with your cocoa and be prepared.

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I will contact the winner via email after they have been chosen.


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