Blogger Book Fair Day 4: Kayla Curry & John Forster

The fourth and final day of Blogger Book Fair Winter 2013, I bring you TWO MORE great authors, Kayla Curry and John Forster.

First, a guest post from Kayla Curry, author of Falling Leaves and Obsidian. She is also the brains behind this whole Blogger Book Fair! I hope everyone has enjoyed this semi-annual event. I am proud to have been a participant and hope to be part of it in the future. Thank you Kayla!

Guest Post

Hello! I’m Kayla Curry and I’m honored to be featured here on the Pezz Rambles blog. Today I’d like to tell you about my short story collection titled Falling Leaves. Falling Leaves consists of three stories which have been published separately, and now together as a collection. During Blogger Book Fair, you can get the collection for FREE on Amazon Kindle.

Falling Leaves Complete copy
Here are the blurbs for the three stories:

Falling Leaves:
A woman finds a special leaf that leads her to a magical and mysterious place. Will she believe what she sees when she finally gets there? Will she decide to stay?

Falling Leaves: The Book of Life:
When Thia decides to stay on the island that is home to the oldest and most important tree on earth, she also chooses Olivier for her companion. The pair face a difficult situation when the tree contracts an illness and puts all the plant life on earth in danger. Will they save the tree from the brink of death and save the world by doing so?

Falling Leaves: A Seed of Hope:
Thia and Olivier discover the answer to their problems, but things get complicated when an EPA agent visits the island and threatens the life of the most important sapling to ever start to grow.

These stories involve a wonderful element of magic. There is also a great deal of magic in my debut novel and the series it begins. Obsidian, book one of  the Mystic Stones Series is about vampires who take over earth’s technology by planting a virus in the satellites orbiting earth. They plan to allow humans to use the satellites again, only if they donate blood on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading!

Kayla Curry links:

Also look for Kayla’s other book, Obsidian

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Next, I bring you an interview with John Forster, author of Soul on Fire.


Why do you write?

I had not written anything other than emails and thank you cards for most of my adult life. I focused the bulk of my life on business pursuits. In 2009 I lost my job, became homeless, and my home was a 2001 Chevrolet Astro cargo van for eleven months. I worked a minimum wage job, lived off of McDonald’s dollar menu, and started reading books at a local Barnes and Noble. One day something clicked and I decided to write a book. I am a fan of historical fiction and adventure books so I worked out a plot and developed characters. I only needed pen and paper, writing is an inexpensive hobby. I taught myself how to write my first novel while writing my first novel. I am humbled that the 4th group I pitched the book to, Black Rose Writing, decided to offer me a contract and publish “Soul on Fire” I find writing to be therapeutic. I can check my problems at the door and dig into a different part of my mind to focus on building my first novel at the age of 51.

Discuss your novel, Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire is a story of one family, Neil, Cindy, Savannah, and Justin Daniels, and how the events of 9/11 affected the outcome of their lives. Pastor Neil Daniels is the main character in the story. Neil has a secret from the past that he has put behind him for thirty years and he promised God that there would never be a return to that life, a sacred promise. Pastor Neil was Gunnery Sargent Neil Daniels during the Vietnam War. He was a scout/sniper who operated behind enemy lines. He preached peace when the towers fell even though wife Cindy and daughter Savannah were among the dead. When Neil found out a conspirator was set free to go home to Iran, Neil decided to leave his Bible behind and picked up a sniper rifle to track his man into Iran. Neil is captured and Justin, his son, is a SEAL team leader who goes rogue to save his dad. There are a lot of twists and turns in this fact paced novel.

Who is Pastor Neil Daniels?

Neil is a man who is haunted by his misdeeds of the past. In particular, killing people because his government convinced him it was the right thing to do. Neil left for Vietnam as an angry young man and returned home searching for internal peace. And to find peace for himself he clung to the ministry as retribution for his sins. He became a man of God and in the process pushed his son Justin away from the family fold. Justin wanted to be a career soldier. Imagine the tension that caused.

How much research did you do for Soul on Fire?

I did lots of research. It was important to me to present events with accuracy. Respect for the victims of 9/11 drove me. I did not sensationalize the event for the sake of writing my novel. I researched by reading events of the day, by interviewing a young lady who was late for work on 9/11. I knew little of the Middle East. I read and studied everything I could get my hands on to make my fictional novel accurate. I learned a great deal about Shite and Sunni Muslims and their customs. All rituals and mores described in the book are accurate. I had a member of Special Forces review my battle tactics and weapons for accuracy.

Describe your title, Soul on Fire, as it relates to the plot.

Soul on Fire is directly related to Pastor Neil Daniels persona. This is a man who lost his parents to a drunk driver at the age of six, was kicked around foster homes and sent off to war at seventeen. His anger fuels the demons within. He fights those demons off for thirty years and when a wrong of gigantic proportions destroys his happy life, the flood gate opens up and he lets the demons grow to serve justice in an unjust world.

If Hollywood called and asked me to cast Soul on Fire, who would I choose?

Nicolas Cage could pull off Neil Daniels complex character. I like Donald Southerland as Jerry Powers, Neil’s old war buddy. I would choose Orlando Bloom as Justin Daniels and Liam Neeson as the admiral.

What are readers saying about Soul on Fire?

I am pleased to say I have gotten excellent feedback from my test readers (not family or close friends) like, “compelling;” “I could not put it down; my husband wants to read it next; my book club wants to read it;” and the best comment has been, “Were you there (the Middle East) This feels real.”

What do you hope to achieve with Soul on Fire?

I hope people read the book and come away with a message that Muslims are not our enemies. There are fanatics all over the world, including America, who think they can bully pulpit a message of violence and fear at the end of a gun barrel to get the rest of us to bow down to their political message. I staunchly support and respect our soldiers who do a tough job so the rest of us can sleep well at night and have the freedom to write about any number of subjects without fear of going to prison for expressing our views.

What was the last book I read?

I am researching my next novel so the last book I read was a nonfiction book about people who crawl and repel deep into the earth searching for the world’s deepest caves.

What is the next book I am reading?

11/23/63 by Stephen King

Please visit to learn more about John Forster and view a short video of his novel, “Soul on Fire” Purchase this book from the authors website and get free shipping!


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