A Killer’s Field~ Review & Giveaway!


Susan Elizabeth Alvis stops by my blog today to introduce us to her latest novella, A Killer’s Field.  I’ll be posting a review as well as provide you all with a link to win your own copy.


The Texas Killing Fields is not exactly Kristen McMurray’s idea of a romantic evening. Her boyfriend decides to take her there for Halloween. She is far from being happy about going to the killing fields and walking on the grounds known to hold the deadliest secrets.

Idealizing a moonlit sky over them and a murderer hiding in the shadows, has Kristen believing her boyfriend has lost his ever lovin’ mind. Worse yet, maybe he’s a raving maniac waiting to come forth.

Against her better judgement, she agrees to go to the fields. Unknown to her, they enter into a huge Halloween hunt. This was an organized event and an obvious trap used to lure victims to where dozens of bodies have been dumped.

One brush with death leads to another, but Kristen keeps her wits as her boyfriend turned Halloween night into an unforgettable night. Kristen faces the horrors of the past. She soon finds out that she has an inner strength, a will to survive, and the desire to live.- via Goodreads


This short novella is based on the true story of the I-45 murders along a stretch of Texas highway between Houston and Galveston. While the actual murders didn’t take place there, it has been a notorious dumping ground since the early 70’s.

Denny thought it would be a great ‘lover’s retreat’ to go visit the killing fields of Texas. Kristen is not so hot on the idea, but goes anyway. This turns out to be the worst trip of her life. I love the story behind this. I’m the type of person who would jump at the chance to go digging for details on murders, but not on Halloween. While it’s not a true story, it’s definitely plausible for a copycat. I could see this having been a longer, more drawn out story and full length novel with the great characters and storyline. If you’re looking for a quick read, go pick this book up!

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About the Author

Susan Elizabeth Alvis is the author of young adult and nonfiction books. Writing under several pseudonyms, Susan and her pen names have won multiple awards and achieved bestselling status for various works of fiction and nonfiction. Married for over twenty-two years, Susan and her husband have two grown children and a beautiful granddaughter.



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